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About The Cook!

I've enjoyed baking from a young age and have been creating desserts for family and friends for many years now, I'm usually the selected person for desserts during the holidays. 

I began this business because I have several family members with dietary needs or allergies, and I've learned that it can be extremely difficult and expensive to find allergy-safe baked goods or that you would have to go to several businesses to find baked goods that fit everyone's dietary needs and allergies.

With my business I am able to accommodate most allergies and dietary needs within a reasonable price range, that's not too far from home. I want to make it so that everyone is able to enjoy desserts whether it be for a business event, a social event, or a family event.




Augustin Escoffier culinary French pastry school

I've done over 200 different baking courses from 15 international courses to 20 courses on bread and gluten-free bread. From Custards to Jams and so much more. Earning a 3-year degree.


American InterContinental University

I studied and earned a 3-year business degree, in business management and entrepreneur studies. For Bachelor in Health Care Entrepreneur Administration Studies.

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